Add backup file to google drive

If you have a hosting and you may be worry about losing your files and you want to make sure you have backup on another services.

in this article I want to teach you how to transfer your backup file to cloud services such as google drive and dropbox without downloading it to your local computer.

for doing this first of all you have to create a backup from your hosting control panel , you can find instruction on your hosting provider website.

There is a website called which doing this job easily. this website job is to upload data to free cloud services such as google drive and dropbox from url for free.

Is it very easy , you can read full instruction here :

This service can be used to upload any files from url (your webhosting or from any other website) to your google drive. I tested it manually its worked fine for one of my files with size of 170 MB but failed for another one for the size of 2 GB, you should tested it yourself , one of the disadvantages of this website is the speed is very low but it has some advantages like you can see the progress of job or you can add multiple url and it do it one by one.

It also support many other services such as dropbox , box , mega and many other sevices.

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